Leave home with confidence and peace of mind.

  • Leaving your home country for any length of time exposes you to the exciting challenge of international living. The last thing you need to feel during your stay abroad is any uncertainty in the quality of your medical coverage.
  • When you are away from home you want a plan that will:
  • Provide 24 Hour claims assistance Accept collect calls from around the world
  • Wire payment to a foreign hospital, so you can be treated without delay. Process claims in virtually any language and currency
  • You'll also want an insurer who can handle the logistical challenges of an Emergency Medical Evacuation. If something goes wrong, you want immediate access to on site medical professionals that can coordinate all aspects of an evacuation, and cover expenses that could cost you up to $100,000 or more.
  • International health insurance medical coverage makes sense, even if you have great coverage at home:
  • Most US based health plans are not set up to handle claims and emergency phone calls from around the world, and coverage is often limited to 30 or 60 days outside the country.
  • HMO and PPO plans may impose severe out-of-network penalties for treatment received in another country Medicare generally does not cover any claims incurred outside the United States.
  • Medicare generally does not cover any claims incurred outside the United States.
  • National health plans of most countries will not pay claims incurred in the USA.
  • US visa eligibility may be dependent on showing proof of adequate health insurance coverage while you are in the States.
  • Affordable coverage you can count on - anywhere in the world! Our administrators handle over 75,000 international claims per year.

​​I guess you could say "Don't leave home without it" !

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